About Us

Simplify your life!

sibu.design/demo-1 is a no-frills, straight to the point shopping club that offers with new and exciting products catered to your whole family. Our products are selected to improve your lifestyle, health, beauty and enhance your quality of life.

At sibu.design/demo-1 we are always striving to offer its customers the best ???including 100% Genuine products, secure payment options, free returns, product warranty and extensive customer service commitments.

High Quality, Low Prices

At sibu.design/demo-1, you will find high quality local and imported merchandise at everyday low prices. Combining the world for ‘best-value’ sources, we focus pricing strategy makes our products appeal to more people.

We keep our costs down with our “no frills???policy ???all our merchandise is sold online and in its original packaging . We handle the products as little as possible from the receiving dock to our warehouse, and as a result we reduce our overhead costs ???a savings that we pass on to our customers.

The Smart Choice

From the first time you shop, you’ll know that the experience is very different from shopping at a supermarkets or other stores.