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Warranty Claim Management On Tyre { English Subtitled }

Experience the seamless journey of tyre replacement driven by cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service.

It all begins with the purchase, as customers acquire tyres from dealership, where crucial details like purchase and expiry dates are automatically generated and recorded alongside the tyre's status.

In the event of any issues, customers can easily file a case through our intuitive website or app, triggering an automated log that kickstarts the resolution process, marking the tyre status as "in progress." Upon case initiation, customers receive a unique QR code, serving as their digital identifier, empowering them to seek tyre replacement from any nearby dealer.

Dealers, equipped with advanced scanning technology, swiftly access specific details stored in our comprehensive database by scanning the QR code, ensuring precise identification of the defective tyre and expediting the replacement process. As dealers file the claim with the gathered information, another milestone is achieved in the resolution journey, with an auto-generated claim date marking the progress and updating the tyre status to "claimed."

Witness efficiency and convenience unfold as technology and service seamlessly merge to deliver hassle-free tyre replacement solutions.

1. Introduction

2. Login System

3. Decoding Invitation Codes: Ensuring Secure Access

4. Exploring Single-Use Invitation Codes

5. Bulk One-Time Use Invitation Code Generator

6. Checkbox for Agreeing to Terms and Conditions Scroll Through and Confirm

7. Reset Dealer's Password

8. New Purchase

9. Succeeding Purchase

10. Log A Case Part 1

11. Log A Case Part 2

12. Approve Or Reject Warranty Claim

13. Date Range & Narrow Down Search Results

14. Cookie-Based Popup Display

15. Time Counter Part 1

16. Time Counter Part 2